Crew 2016

The old core group had been camping together for 15 years, the number of camp mates ranged in number from 20 to 80 members. We went by different names over the years and some years we had no name at all. That changed in 2004 when a camp member made our Celestial Bodies flag in response to that year’s theme “Vault to Heaven.” The following year the flag disappeared but the name stuck.

2006 – halfway through the event, we erected four canopies, set up a small table, and filled an ice chest with beer, soft drinks and other donated libations. We made snow cones and served bite-size peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to passers by. And we were hooked.

2007 – we came to the playa equipped with our very first real lounge, a bar and some couches, and began serving what has become our signature drink, the Playa Cosmo.

Since 2007, we’ve expanded our lounge to include two artist wings, where camp members and other burners can share their talents and their gifts. Each year we host daily activities and special events and interpret the year’s theme with art and decor.

2010 – our Celestial Bodies flag was tracked down in Arizona. How it got there is still a mystery. The flag has flown above our lounge ever since.

2015 – We continued expansion of our lounge to make room for even more of our friends.

2016 – A big change ahead! The old core group who have been diligently shaping Celestial Bodies feel that they need a change, and so they asked the rest of the camp if there are volunteers that wish to take over the Celestial Bodies flag and carry it forth into the future. And indeed, there were! So a transition team was put in place, and a new Celestial Body will rise and shine over the playa in 2017!