Camp Core Responsibilities

When You Arrive at Celestial Bodies camp (7:30 Plaza @ 4:30)

Immediately check in with someone who has a camp map and can direct you where to park. Like most years, our space is likely to be tight so it’s important that you get settled in the correct spot ASAP.  When you first arrive, look for Lance Ossman, our camp map guru for direction and placement. If Lance is not available, seek out Ryan Lely or J. Heiders for assistance.

Your Personal Camping Space

Our camp’s space is limited and tends to be a bit tight.  Each person is assigned a space based on the information provided to our mapping guru.  We do our very best to accommodate everyone’s needs and wishes, however, you need to be ready to take the place assigned to you with no complaints. Do not plan to move your vehicle, except at your scheduled departure time.  If you have special needs or preferences (i.e. proximity to street for holding tank pump out), please let us know ASAP, before you arrive on the playa. To accommodate a maximum number of camp mates and our structures, we may need to move vehicles, cargo trailers, etc., (not being used during the event) to a designated area outside our immediate camp space.  This has worked well in the past and frees up space within our camp. We appreciate your cooperation in this effort.

Personal Generators

Generators are noisy and polluting and we discourage the use of personal generators in our camp. However, we understand that RVs may require generators to be run periodically to recharge the batteries used for lighting and refrigeration. If you must run a generator, please do so sparingly and be considerate of your neighboring camp mates. Rig your generator exhaust system to vent up higher than your structure if at all possible.


Our camp does not provide shower facilities, food, water, ice or equipment for personal use. Each camp mate is expected to arrive fully equipped and prepared for the event.  Ice can be purchased during the event at several locations on the playa, and we typically do an ice run every morning. We will have a white board for campers to write down what they need.

Celestial Haven

In addition to our camp lounge & bar, Celestial Bodies has a shaded common kitchen/dining/chill area for the exclusive use of our camp mates. Our “Haven” is equipped with a couple of stoves, bbq grills, some pots and pans and utensils that everyone is welcome to use. We can always use additional tables in our Haven and it’s best if you bring your own chair(s).  Additional stoves and grills are also welcome but not required.  Please take responsibility for cleaning the shared kitchen equipment after each use and storing your personal cooking & eating equipment. Help us keep our haven clean and organized.

Meals & Potlucks 

We have two scheduled potluck dinners:

The first Monday of the event – a camp reunion gathering to welcome everyone Home and introduce new camp mates.

Tuesday evening – Ryan & Maxx will host Tutu Taco Tuesday in the Celestial Haven.

Saturday night before the burn – a good time to use up leftovers and extra food.

Camp mates are always welcome to coordinate & share other meals together. Our communal kitchen (Celestial Haven) will have a white board for camp mates to sign up for impromptu potlucks throughout the event.

Events and Activities Support

Celestial Bodies hosts daily activities and each event has a volunteer coordinator (host). All camp mates are encouraged to support and participate in as many of our events and activities as possible. Camp mates are encouraged to connect with our activity and event coordinators to learn how and when they need support. Please refer to our Featured Events page for the schedule of events.

In addition to our daily lounge activities, one of our events require the most support. Please ask how you can help us set up and clean up after these events.

11am – 2:30pm Wednesday – Naked Pub Crawl

Bar Tending & Support

Our primary daily activity is serving up our infamously delicious Playa Cosmo and other libations in our lounge. We generally have two camp mates managing the bar during 4-hour shifts and during our busiest times we need at least one bar back to keep the bar clean and stocked and to relieve a bar tender when he / she needs a short break.

Take Initiative

When you see a need – Fill it. Don’t stand around waiting to be asked to help. Jump in. There’s always a job, big or small, with your name written all over it.

Camp Maintenance

In addition to your individual camp space, all camp mates are expected to support the maintenance of our entire camp. Particular attention is paid to our Leave No Trace (LNT), which requires ongoing MOOP collection. Our lounge tends to get particularly messy during our special events and when we are very busy. We request that all camp mates help us maintain a clean lounge and a MOOP-free and inviting environment for our guests. When planning your camp and costumes please think about items that could create MOOP, like Astro Turf, natural bristle brooms, sequins, feathers, etc.

POST-EVENT (or before you leave the playa)

Personal Camp Space

Each camp mate is responsible for leaving their space in the same condition, or better, than when they arrived. That means ensuring no MOOP is left behind, all tent stake holes are filled and compacted, and there are no visible traces that your vehicle ever graced the playa. Before leaving the playa, we request that you move your vehicle and check for oil drips / leaks, MOOP that may have been trapped under your vehicle, and rake out or otherwise remove all tire marks (black scarring) on the playa.

Overall Camp Space

All camp mates are responsible for ensuring that our complete camp space is free of all MOOP and any other traces of our presence. Please plan to spend at least one hour prior to your departure to support our LNT goals. This will go a long way towards ensuring that we receive Registered Theme Camp designation and good placement in years to come.

Camp Tear Down

This is a big job and requires the most support of our entire camp. We usually begin tearing down camp on Sunday and spend most of Monday after the event packing up. Complete tear down and packing normally takes us into Tuesday. Please plan to stay after the event if at all possible to lend a hand. Exiting the City is much easier after Monday, which is an additional benefit of staying later.