Bar Supplies

2017 Bar Supplies Announcement

July 29, 2017

This year we find ourselves on the 7:30 Plaza @ 4:30 (basically 7:30 & Hallowed). 

Each person camping at Celestial Bodies is required to bring the following bar supplies:

Burning Man 2017 – Radical Ritual:

  • (8) 1.75 liter bottles vodka (plastic – no glass)
  • (10) gallons lemon-lime gatorade G Series  (NOT the G-2!!!!!, and no powder!!!)
  • (1) case bottled water, soda or beer (no glass).

When purchasing the Gatorade, look for the ‘G Series’. Do NOT bring the ‘G2 Series’ Gatorade – that’s sugar free and tastes nasty with alcohol.  And NO powdered or concentrated Gatorade either.  It takes a lot of water to mix and we just don’t have that much. The Gatorade to bring is the ‘G’ Series. Don’t worry about cranberry juice or cups – we have those items covered.

If you absolutely cannot find the 1-gallon jugs, the quart size will suffice, but try to keep that to a minimum due to the extra packaging.  Also we have found that lemon-lime goes best with vodka.

 Smart & Final carries the Gatorade in 1-gallon jugs, but usually they don’t have enough at one time (10 is a lot in the 1-gallon size). They will however take advance special orders by the case. There are four 1-gallon jugs per case so you’ll need 2 cases + 2 bottles per person, or 5 cases per couple.

When you arrive on playa bring ALL of your bar contributions to the bar supply room and mark it down on the inventory sheet so we have an accurate count. This will help us figure out how much we used, and help us plan for next year!